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Welcome to Stupid Games
In the world of gaming today, there are many flash games out there which are considered to be so called 'Stupid Games'. These are, however extremely simple they may be, always end of getting a bad rap for either their simplicity, basic graphics and lack of real depth as far as story, characters, missions, and different gameplay modes, among other various reasons. These 'Stupid Games' however, can sometimes turn out to be the most popular, and fun to play on the market. Some of the most popular ones, on any platform, system, console, computer or mobile device, have been simple and easy to play. Look at PAC-Man and Super Mario, while they were revolutionary for their respective times, if you look at them compared to todays games, they are very simple, very straight forward, but they have none the less stood the test of time as two of the most popular games ever created. Can you imagine how badly the originals would be rated by reviewers if they were just to have come out this year? However they continually gain new fans who are finding them for the first time and falling in love with them! More recently, mindless and easy games have made a huge comeback. Mobile gamers are especially familiar with the fun of Angry Birds, which is known to be played by adults worldwide, yet is often handed off to the children of those adults because its just that simple to play, but still addictive and fun! Just because a game has a simple premise or sounds stupid doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a crack, it may end of being one of your all time favorite games to play!
Some of the games with superheros, such as Batman, X-men and Wolverine have been collected from SuperheroBreak Games. Face your fears on Crazy Scary Games.

Batman is hands down the greatest cartoon super hero of all times. I will make sure we add more batman games here. The other day I stumbled upon cool batman games, a new all-in-one bat-fans website where you can play games and hang out with other members. cool.

Stupid game must be quite opposite in case you were in search of mind-boggling puzzles, logic thinking, hidden objects, than you'd better check our other escape games website on coolescapegames.com Lot's of puzzles and escape games out there.
play power rangers game

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We got tons of games on boat racing and boat parking on www.boatarcade.com Check out why is it better and more exciting to drive a boat than a car! Bloons Tower Defense 5

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